Thursday, April 19, 2018

First Bike Commute of 2018

On the Tuesday after that huge rainstorm I met Gavin down at the intersection of Huntingtown Road and Meadowbrook Road and we rode together down towards Easton.  It was much colder than I was expecting and feet froze. All the local streams were flooding but the most impressive one was the Aspetuck River off of Wells Hill Road.

I also had bib tights with leg warmers because I thought it was going to be warmer on the way home.  My insulated toe covers weren't adequate for this ride and I was cursing myself for not wearing something better.

The day never warmed up so the ride home was equally as cold. 

One thing that had me worried was whether or not I would make it on my back wheel. Half the spokes have been replaced on it and after the last visit to the LBS, the recommendation was that I should replace it soon.

By the time I got to Newtown, it started to rain.

From the center of town to my house, the last three miles, the weather took a turn for the worse. The rain turned to sleet and snow.

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