Saturday, April 07, 2018

True to Brew: Fuzzy Baby Ducks Gravel Grinder

Two years ago I went on a True to Brew ride with the True Cyclery crew but I am not sure what happened last year, somehow I missed all their rides.  I got the invite from Karl and I said I am not missing this one!

Karl, owner of the True Cyclery and True to Brew Ride Leader explains the ride:
"Gonna ride some trails and dirt roads and then stop at a brewery"

Dreux, Jack and Braxston were down with that

So were Nancy, Matt and Kristen.

We left the shop and headed to East Rocks Park.  Making a sharp turn we started climbing a trail that just went up and up.  Taylor (pictured below) just hammered up it like it was nothing.

And of courser, there was more climbing

After East Rocks, we took a round about way to West Rocks.  Along the way, we climbed up Woodin Street, which at it's steepest point, after the Parkway, is 12%!  Then it was down into West Rocks State Park.  This time, we took the trail west of Lake Wintergreen and climb up was pretty brutal.

Time for a break in West Rocks and a little decision making about the best way to get to the Shadowlands.

We decided to ride the trail with the most obstacles

It was almost impossible to go underneath this tree

But we made it in varying ways.

Unbelievably, there were no flats on this ride

However, there was one mechanical and it was major.

Nancy hit a stick that tore her rear derailleur hanger clean off! Karl was able to rig her bike as a singlespeed.

Then we were off to the Shadowlands

The Shadowlands is essentially the backside of West Rocks State Park which is a trail system made up of mostly all old Woods Roads.  Very cyclocross friendly trails.

From here we rode north and then looped back and south on Downs Road. Another hidden gem, closed to all traffic but perfect for this kind of ride.  We then worked our way south hitting Sperry Road, which is another dirt road also closed to traffic.  Then we hit a few trails in Woodbridge.

One of the trail followed some powerlines for a bit and then we veered off onto a dirt road that had its share of mud bogs.  I walked the first one but blasted through the second one which was pretty deep.  My waterproof boots had no problem and but other riders weren't so lucky.

Regrouping after the mud bogs we left this fun place and headed towards the Racebrook Tract.

Nancy was hammering every hill on her new singlespeed and there were many buckets in her accomplishments!

With the sun out, jackets were shed.  Racebrook Tract was really good.  From here it was mostly downhill to the New England Brewing Company, the Beer Stop.

Finally we got to the brewery and there was a cyclist discount on pours.

I had a pint of Fuzzy Baby Ducks and Spin Cycle.  I ended up filling my growler with 32 oz of Spin Cycle and rode back to the shop with it in my seat pack.

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