Thursday, July 14, 2016

Look what the Cat dragged in!

The one thing that I haven't been quite comfortable with on the Surly Cross Check and with the recent acquisition of the Specialized Tri-Cross is the frame size.  All spring I had been looking for 61 cm project frame to build up into another gravel grinder/commuter bike.  I found a few candidates on Craigslist but the sellers either never got back to me (which seems to be the case more and more with Craigslist) or they were sketchy characters, perhaps selling something they didn't acquire legally. Then I found this brand new, 2015 Cannondale CAADx Disc for sale and the guy back to me!

Purchasing it would let me cut to the head of the line and not have to deal with building up a new bike, what with my social calendar I probably wouldn't have been done with until fall.  This bike has a carbon fork, I added a carbon seatpost, disc brakes (added bonus), and what I was really looking for in a new commuter/gravel grinder was the same sizing as my Synapse.  

My Banjo Brothers Trunk Bag fit perfectly along with my Barrel Bag and frame bag which was never really a good fit for Surly and I could carry just about everything I needed for my long commute to the office.

My first commute to the office on the bike was outstanding.  I hit a few dirt roads and caught some of the new Black Butter on the Wilton section of Newtown Turnpike and my commute on the bike to the office was 1.5 mph (on average) faster than riding the Surly!  Now I have to see how she does on a Gravel Grinder and some light singletrack.

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