Monday, July 25, 2016

Tandeming to Ft Mc Clary

Unlike last year where I dragged the tandem all the way to Newport but never rode it with Elliot, this time we were riding.  Elliot didn't want to go to the beach so it became the perfect father, son activity. We first rode to the Bagel Basket for breakfast.  By far the best place for breakfast in the York Beach area.  Besides the bagels, he had lemonade and I tried the dark roast ice coffee.

It was a seven mile, relatively flat ride to the fort.  Parts of the road we were on what used to be a an old Trolley Line called the Portsmouth, Kittery & York Street Railway.

Fort Mc Clary was really cool.  A beacon on top of hill over looking the harbor to prevent the British from landing on our shores during the those times.

Of course it was also a good opportunity to play Pokemon Go.  I think the game had been out a week or so and connectivity to the game servers was still spotty so if you could log in, and got in, you took advantage of that and played.  I couldn't get in so I walked around and took a few pictures.

There was this really cool forward position facing the bay that when you first entered into it looked like Iron Man's mask.  It commanded a view of the shoreline and was there for infantry men to fire on anyone that was able to get through the cannon fire from the main fort.

Doing an about face and looking back towards the entrance there was a puddle of water reflecting the stairwell back.

So when Elliot came to the stairs to come down into the parapet, I took this picture of him in the water's reflection.

The block house commanded a strategic view of the bay

On the way back, we rode another railroad bed from the fort back to York Harbor called the York Harbor and Beach Railroad.

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