Sunday, July 24, 2016

Looking for Wally Moose

Another glorious sunrise greeted me on York Beach before the rest of the family awoke.  This morning's ride goal was to head inland and do some climbing, and see if I could find Wally Moose, if that is even possible for Coastal Maine.

With my D2R2 Kit on I headed out north to Cape Neddick and the early morning sun kissing the houses along Route 1A and the only people up this early were the beach walkers, doggers and few other fitness nuts out running.

Riding the Roller Coaster Route towards Ongunquit was awesome and pristine views of the ocean were breath taking.

The route I planned included the climb on Berwick Road that went from 46 feet to 233 feet over the course of 6 miles and the highest point on the ride.

The next climb was on Route 4 which turned out to be the East Coast Greenway route and had a shoulder on it that was the width of a tractor trailer.

I turned south in South Berwick and missed a turn that led into another climb but the road was kind of crappy.  After following my nose a bit I found Rt 236, Dow Highway.

I picked this route because Rt 236 had these incredibly straight and flat sections of roadway, the longest one being 3 miles long and they were a total Mind F#ck.  It was like spin class with cars whipping past you.  I didn't find Wally.  Saw very few cyclists and a couple of deer.  Still another great ride.

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