Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mt Greylock Century

Back to Mount Greylock for the July 16th Century Ride and my third Century for 2016, only this time on the road bike and a real century ride.  Last year, Will and I road the dirt Century which was only 75 miles but grueling to say the least. This year's dirt course got nixed due to not enough interest. 

The route from Notch View was pretty straight forward, over last year, we simply took Route 9 to Lanesboro and then picked up Route 8 for bit but then jumped on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail  On the rail trail we could see Mount Greylock off in the distance enshrouded by clouds.  The rail trail was nice because it was a nice respite from the nearby busy road.

As soon as you enter the Mt Greylock Reserve, the climbing starts.  Will took the picture of me below climbing to the welcome center as I was begrudging my gearing choice for this ride.  I should have went to at least a 32t.  Will took off from there and I never saw him again until the top.  That man is fast!

About half way up I came across some mountain bikers on the side of the road fixing a flat on a fat bike.  Who would want to ride a fat bike on this route?  Maybe if you were doing dirt.  Later on, one of the mountain bikers past me.  She was getting help from Granny.

On the final climb to the summit the rest of the mountain bikers past me.  Of course they were getting help from Granny, too.  As I got closer to the summit the temperature dropped and it got foggier and foggier.

It was so foggy that you could not see the top of the radio tower and it was all but useless to look down into the valley.

After rehydrating and refueling we took a few pictures.  Unfortunately the summit beacon was getting refinished.

Then we bombed down the north side of Mt Greylock.  This guy from Austria passed us but we caught up to him because he was stuck behind a car traveling 30 mph but we were hitting speeds of 40+ on the steeper descents.  I was content to just follow the car but the Austrian passed him.  

This year I climbed the Mohawk Trail to the Whitcomb Western Summit on the road bike much better than on the Gravel Grinder.  At the top there was a good rest stop.

Then over to the Eastern summit and then big descent towards Charlemont.

Along the way we stopped for a Car/Bicycle accident.  Not sure if he was part of this ride or not.

The descent down the Mohawk Trail is fast and very scenic

Once in Charlemont we cut over the Deerfield River which is also a popular crossing point for the D2R2.

And then the climb up East Hawley Road, which in my mind has to be one of the toughest road climbs around.

I was feeling it at the top

And then it was lunch time.

I wasn't cramping but I was offered a handful of salt pills which I started taking.

And then I started to cramp

Ironic that we should be riding into Peru (MA) while at the same time my daughter was in the Peru (the Country).

The sign for the last climb

Interesting weather was a brewing upon our finish

Chugging the pickle juice kept the cramps at bay but later that I night they came back.


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