Tuesday, February 23, 2016

On the road again!

Almost three months have gone by and I am finally back on the road after my crash in the latter part of December.  Granted, I probably have could have gotten back on the bike sooner, since I was already skiing a week after, I played it safe and stayed completely off.

I ended up leaving a lot later than I originally intended after a few calls in the morning and running a bunch of errands midday but it felt great once I was pedaling.  My chief concerns were the afternoon commute, sand on the side of the roads and potholes.  It was 43 degrees when I left the house and I probably should have had a my warmer cycling jacket on but overall I was fine.  I did start getting cold towards the end of the ride.  Also had my Lake303s on with wool socks.  My feet got hot initially but later when it got colder my feet were perfect!

Rode down to the bottom of Sandy Hook and then the long arduous climb to the top of Castle Hill. Might as well start with something big.  The climb killed my average speed and it sort of never recovered, either.  Going to have to work on that.  After marveling at the famous view of Newtown's Flag Pole and Church Hill I headed towards Bethel on Castle Hill.  Along the way, I met up with Lisa Marie, the author of the Newtown Run Project, picking up trash along the side of the road.

I kept going straight into Bethel and then hooked back around to ride home on one of my old bike commuting routes.  There were some big changes on good old OBR (Old Bethel Road).  As I mentioned earlier, the last three miles to home base were the coldest and I was wishing I had my better jacket on.  Everything felt great and I can't wait to do it again!

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