Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Birthday Winter Ride

Lake Lillilonah

Headed out today for a slightly longer ride and with snow in the offing I decided to forgo trying to hit all the dirt roads in Newtown and Trumbull and head north into Litchfield County.

Shepaug River, Roxbury, CT
After crossing Lake Lillilonah I climbed up Hut Hill and descended down into Roxbury and noticed that it wasn't getting any warmer, in fact, the temperature was dropping.  Everything was OK but I could have used a balaclava, wool socks, and instead of a t-shirt, I should have had a long sleeve wicking shirt on.  I just suffered through it.  In fact, once I hit Roxbury Market, the only thing chilled was my toes.  They never warmed up the whole time.

Roxbury Airport
I never climbed the entire length of Good Hill before but today I did and it was fun, but slow.  At the top is an old airport that I think is still used.  There seemed to be one working plane in a hangar and a few in disrepair, too.

Old planes at Roxbury Airport

I don't think the plane with the old Army Air Corp markings is an actual war plane.  My guess is it's just an old crop duster.  Still, that would be a fun plane to fly around here.

Top of Good Hill, Roxbury, CT

What goes up must come down.  From Good Hill and down into Southbury its a fast descent.  Having never ridden this part before I figured that this must be the road that Transylvania Rd ends on so I figured I wouldn't have to ride through Southbury to get home.

90 minutes into the ride it was time for breakfast, consisting of a Cliff Bar.  It tasted really good! From here, it took me another hour to ride home.  The temperature warmed up a degree or two but it really wasn't noticeable.  Probably be on the trainer for Wednesday because of the snow and rain in the forecast for Wednesday. 

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