Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sunday Riding, Hills

One ride that I used to do on my Cannondale XS800 was around Lake Lillilohna and being such a nice morning I decided to give it a try on the Cannondale Synapse.  It was sunny but there was cold wind coming from the north so I went with a short sleeve, arm warmers, riding jersey, bib tights and gloves.  The gloves were over kill and most of the ride I rode without them.  Something I haven't felt quite comfortable with but it didn't bother me that much.  

It's an extremely hilly route with two really huge climbs on West Purchase Brook road in Southbury.  Getting there is a run out to the end of Hanover, where I came across a couple riding some really nice bikes without helmets, and then down 133 and up into Bridgewater and over to Roxbury and then down into Southbury and back into Newtown.  It's a popular route with many of the cyclists around here.

I decided to climb up Castle Hill and on the way I stopped off at the Field of Flags.  Since church was in session I donated the $20 I found on the road nearby when I was commuting to work in the rain last week.

At the top of Castle Hill I spied this dude riding a really nice Cannondale road bike is workout clothes and no helmet.  What's with these people?  These people are not even Freds. 

The view from Castle Hill is always the best

From Castle Hill I took a route that availed more climbing and a little more distance but nothing really sexy. In fact, I took Mt Pleasant Road back to Hanover Road.  Great ride for 2 hours.

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