Monday, May 19, 2014

Mountain Biking Monday

Since I can't ride to work Mondays because I have to pick up my daughter on the way home from work it's now my thing to hit the Gussy when I get home.  There were some more surprises on the trail this week ....

Who ever is doing the cutting, please stop!  Initially, who ever was cutting or moving stuff in the way I applauded you!  My guess is that same person is now trying to make the trail easier for themselves to ride. You are dumbing down an already easy trail by making some of the features that added a bit more challenge to the trail now easier.  The reason for this up and over was to slow people down after making the turn but now it's no longer.  I also hated it on the ride back up because I don't think I ever cleaned it.  Now, I never will.  I you want to do trail improvements, reach out to me and let's coordinate some activities!

Seriously, people?

The reward for a good ride!

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