Monday, May 05, 2014

Riding the New Milford River Trail with Elliot

Elliot and headed over to Sega Meadows in New Milford to ride the New Milford River Trail.

The Housatonic Railroad runs through it and parallels the trail and 
Elliot wanted to see a train but they don't run on Saturdays

Sega Meadows was challenging for him because he is still working on keeping his speed up and 
going uphill on gravelly trails is still difficult for him

He only had to walk incline.
I hit it slow on the Bianchi and almost had to walk, too

Once you get out of Sega Meadows the "Trail" shares River Road
and heads north to Gaylordsville

There are still some great old structures from the Railroad's past

Elliot is loving his hydration pack
He's always plugged in

We got to the Spite House, aka the "Cake House" and it started to cloud up

On the way back, we were maybe 3 miles out when it started to rain.
I felt that I got caught flat footed because while I could take getting a little wet
I was concerned that Elliot could get cold and I had no way to keep him warm.
Fortunately, it was really just a sprinkle.

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