Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Post Memorial BBQ MTB

After a great Memorial Day BBQ at my father's I got home later than I wanted but figured I still had enough light to ride in the forest.  The initial run in, up the Poly Brody was to be expected.  The corduroy over the wet section is riding nicely but after that it's still sloppy seconds up through the first incline past the beach cut off. 

Funny how all the easy/dumbing down gets done quickly but the hard things are left to foster.  I am thinking about re-routing this crossing because it's getting muddy after the armoring.  I could just armor this section as well but after you cross through here the trail doesn't flow very well and that's why I think a few changes are needed.  The other stream crossing, on the other side, also needs more work.  With the benching leading up to I am kind of stuck with what I have so I just need to find some big flat rocks so that it ramps better.

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