Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Local Bike Shop: The Bicycle Center

If you live in northern Fairfield County and don't have a favorite LBS (local bike shop) then I would suggest that you check out Shawn Emerson's Bicycle Center on Federal Road in Brookfield, CT.  Not only is Shawn a great mechanic but he is wealth of knowledge about all types of bikes and a great problem solver.  Case in point, I bring the Fredmobile in see why the front derailleur isn't working right and he figures out the problem right away but needs to keep it over night.  No problem there, it's snowing out and I have to go out of town anyway.

Returning from trip and swinging by the shop not only does he fix the derailleur when one of his guys was road testing the bike he noticed the front brake acting funny.  It turns out my Rube Goldberg solution for the front cable hanger wasn't so hot after all.  Turns out, Shawn just so happens to have the part I need!  That is service!

The shop has been newly renovated and his selection of items is fantastic.  I always find what I am looking for at his shop and when he doesn't have it he can order it for me and sometimes have it the next day.

There is only one shop that I will trust my bikes with and that's The Bicycle Center.  If you haven't been in to the shop, I suggest you pay him a visit and tell him Mark sent you!  For more information about The Bicycle Center, click on their logo on the right on the blog and check out their website.

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