Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Days are here again!

To me, when the clocks spring forward it triggers a sense of relief that winter is finally over.  I got home from the office and it was so light out I had to go for a spin.  Even though my roadie friends call me a Fred, I still try fit in a little when I am out road riding but I didn't feel like all dolled up to ride on the roads, rather dressing down to ride in the woods!

I took a chance and went over to Upper Paugussett State Forest where I figured the trails would be rather free of mud.  With the exception of one spot on the Gussy Trail (have to fix it this later this spring) and the usual wet places on the Poly Brody I knew I was going to have a good ride.  Riding by the Echo Valley lot I noticed a new sign about what they are doing.  The forest road started out dry but then turned to soup shortly afterwards in the usual places.  

There were some soft spots on the Brody after this point which left me wishing that I brought a fender but what's a little mud splatter and dirt in you mouth -- victory!

The Spot was running excellent.  Never checked the tire pressures but they were perfect for riding the mixed conditions.  The Gussy still has some snow on it and a few spots I dished out on but overall it's a good ride.  I definitely bent one of the crank arms when I fell on the bike and hurt my back 4 weeks ago but it's only a little noticeable.  I don't think I need to replace them.  Probably go back to flats but today I was riding with my Crankbrother Clipless Mallets.  They were perfect.


I rode up to the Papa Bear roller but wasn't feeling it so I rolled Baby Bear instead.  Need to fix the lead in to the 3 Bears Rollers - probably do that when I fix that one muddy spot on the new re-route I did as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The WetSpot was finally wet!


TheBIkePedalingGinger said...

Impressive how you got out there, I am quite jealous, I am going to have to come ride that network next time when I am visiting my parents instead of Huntington.

Mark said...

Well, Upper P is not as big as Huntington but if you like climbing and descending it's definitely got that and a lot more.