Saturday, March 30, 2013

A happy stem makes all the difference!

I went back to the 70 degree stem and Oh what feeling!  Boosting the bars up at least 2 inches makes all the difference.  The dilemma now is that my Garmin Edge needs a better mount because mounting on the bars just doesn't work for me.  The mount slips too much because the diameter of the bars isn't large enough for the rubber bands to hold the mount in place.  I have something coming that will take care of this problem but it hasn't arrived yet.

I made some additional changes to the Qball.  I flip flopped the brakes with the Kona by putting the Avid Juicy 3 on the Kona and the Avid BB7s on the Qball.  Saturday was so nice I had to get out for a ride so I rode up to town to pick up some medicine and then hit some trails before riding home again.

I surprised the pharmacist at the CVS.  Turns out her husband used to be a big cyclist.  We talked about riding in Cape Cod.

The singletrack at Fairfield hills is perfect for Cyclocross Riding.  It looked like some other people have been riding these trails.  Ironically, the last time I was here was about a month ago and there was a foot of snow on the ground.

I ran into the Easter Bunny after coming out of the Singletrack.  He didn't mind posing for a picture with me! From there, I headed down to Sandy Hook and then back home.  I wish I had more time so I could have ridden further.  I did see some other riders and couldn't believe that they all were wearing tights and jackets! Just shows you that single speeders are cooler, we wear shorts and pose with the Easter Bunny!


TheBIkePedalingGinger said...

questionable picture of the stem lol, cannot believe you found the Easter bunny that is way cool,also props for drive thru good stuff

Mark said...

Well, it does convey the happiness of the stem.