Sunday, January 01, 2012

Let down by the Devil

Headed over to Devil's Gear in New Haven for the first time to use a gift certificate that I got for Christmas.

This is supposed to be truly a one of a kind bike shop and I figured I was going to walk out of there with some really good stuff.

New Haven was eerily empty and to my chagrin so was the bike shop because it was closed!

There were some really nice pubs nearby but I had my youngest son with me so we had to settle for finding the nearest Starbucks so he could get a hot chocolate.

Happy New Year, by the way!


fabian said...

Should have got intouch with me Mark. Devil's gear is closed till the 3rd I think but I can find out for sure. Next time your down let me know and maybe we can meet for a light spin up East Rock and coffee.

Mark said...

You know, I was thinking about calling on Friday to make sure they were going to be open. Guess I should have.