Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Friend of the Devil is a Friend of Mine

Finally got back to New Haven to visit the Devil's Gear Bike Shop and what a treat!  It is one awesome bike shop with a super friendly and knowledgeable staff and a huge selection of bikes, parts and accessories.  

I just knew this shop was going to be awesome by the simple fact of commuter bikes and fixies parked outside.  The also many different types of both new and used bikes for sale.

They had an early 90s Fat Chance Yo Eddy, in just my size (drool); Salsa Fargo (on my shortlist for my next Monster Cross); the new Salsa Mukluk (drool) and bevy of other bikes.

Shop activities include a night ride on the Farmington Canal Trail and an afternoon mountain bike ride at East Rocks.  Only thing missing was a cute shop dog but the punk rock playing in the background made up for it.  If you are ever in New Haven, you got to visit this shop and spend some money.

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fabian said...

I was there at 7 when they closed, must have just missed you.