Monday, January 16, 2012

Geocaching in the Cold

Temperature waking up this morning was 9 degrees and when I left the house at 9:45 am to meet friends and family to go Geocaching it was around 15 degrees.  We met at the end of Blackbridge Road and did the Geocaches in Rocky Glenn State Park that are mostly along Al's Trail.  It seems that there are quite a few side trails that go all over the place and we didn't get the last cache because of that.  Once you get up on the ridge it's pretty flat and could be some nice riding but is quickly short lived because the trail quickly becomes more suitable for a mountain goat.  Still we had fun, despite the frigid temperatures.

Found the second Cache

Walking down Blackbridge Road

At the Cave/Mine looking down towards the Pootatuck
from a branch of Al's Trail

That's about a 100 feet down from where I am standing

Taking the hard way up

Trail goes right between the branches

Cave but more like an old mine


That is the cache

Julia and Will

Stone Bridge

Looking down at the Stone Bridge

Will walking up from the Stone Bridge

Old Woods Road with a stream crossing
Frozen Stream Crossing

Pootatuck River Valley

Looking down at Blackbridge

Glass in an old Farmer's garbage dump

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Chris Thompson said...

Cool. I used to hike/ climb there before there was a trail (and when there was still a rail bed!) We never did find the cave, though.