Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Meats - Vittoria Zaffiro

I slipped on some new Italian Rubber, Vittoria Zaffiro tires, that I picked up at Devil's Gear this past week.  They went on really easy and I pumped them up to 80 psi and went for a little roll in the drive and OMG, so smooth!  Of course, some 23c tires at 120 psi would be smoking but I will save that for the next project.

Also figured the 46t up front was too light for riding rail trails so I put on a 52t and this dog wants to hunt!

On Sunday, I am headed back to the Farmington River Valley, only this time I am going to do the loop right.  Collinsville to Canton Railtrail, then down 177 to Unionville, and back up to Collinsville on the Farmington River Trail.  This time I have a bell and I am going to shoot some video, too.  Of course it's supposed to be really cold so I will be dressed to the nines in snivel gear.

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