Monday, January 16, 2012

Sole Cyclist

What a beautiful day for a bike ride on the Collinsville to Canton Rail Trail and the Farmington River Trail and yet there was nary a soul on the trail.  Not surprising because it was 15 degrees and probably near 0 with the wind chill along the Farmington River.  It wasn't the coldest I have ever ridden in, once I rode to work and it was a mere 3 degrees!  The hardest thing to keep warm seems to be always the toes but by the time I got down to Unionville I was sweating.

Riding along the Farmington was bitter sweet.  It was beautiful to see the river along the side the trail but the valley was channeling the wind and it made for a really cold ride.

The water was really inviting and made me really thirsty but my bite value froze so I had nothing to drink.

On the trail, there were probably a dozen walkers compared to last weekend where there must have been around a hundred people on the trail.  This time I brought a bell but only ended it up using it twice.  Last weekend it would have been in constant used.

Nearing the end of my ride I did pass by this guy on a fixie sporting pink tires and a pink wrap on the bull horns.  That was sole cyclists I saw on my ride.

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