Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 Totals 2011 Goals

I finished 2010 with just under 1700 miles ridden, which by the graph above, year over year, was a huge increase.  Attributing to the increase was much more trail riding in preparation for races and commuting.  

My goals for 2011 are to ride 1000 miles of trail and 1000 miles commuting.  Commuting will be easier to attain because all I have to do is ride 200 miles per month for five months, which I could start in April and end in September.  Of course when gasoline hits $4 a gallon I plan on riding a lot more to work.  Also, given the fact that if the rest of winter stays mild, I plan on riding anyway.

The trail miles might be tougher to come by but this year I plan on training harder for races which means riding longer and harder.  Everything else in between: Gravel Grinders, Greenway riding with the kids, and road riding on the Tandem is the gravy.

Here's to a new year and new goals!

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