Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Schnee Wald-o

To make up for missing Monday Spin (last minute lunch time meeting) I met a colleague from work, Stephen (below) across the Housi in Southbury for a little evening snow shoe.  We weren't the first ones through and it was probably a good thing because the couple of times we bushwhacked Stephen's dogs had a hard time following us in the deep snow.

They were happy dogs and moderately well behaved, although the younger of the two, Maverick, did try to hump my leg a few times, while Merlin, the older dog wasn't so rambunctious.  But for the most part they stayed between us, usually in single file kind of like sled dogs but following very closely.  If the lead dog would stop, the trail dog got a snoot full doggy ass.

Seventeen degrees out this evening that didn't matter with the gear I was wearing.  By the time we got back to the cars I was soaked.  My new boots that got the other day are incredibly warm, maybe too warm!  This was my longest trek yet, 3 miles, and it was a blast.  

Shoeing at night is incredible.  While there was no moon, I only needed my HID on low.  I did have a flashlight on me in case my battery wasn't as charged as it should have been.  I did try a little night snow shoeing around the house last night, too, but it lasted fine.

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