Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will we ever see the ground again?

The last time I was on my bike was the Tuesday after Christmas and it being now mid January, this is the longest I have gone without riding a bike in the past two years!  I have gotten spoiled with our past Southern New England winters being much more dryer but this year the snow fall has been incredible.  My wife gets the credit for these pictures because I was actually in Baltimore last week while New England got yet another pounding of snow.  29" on top of the 15" we got the past Friday means it could be awhile before the knobbies ever see any dirt.

Last year, we got a few snow storms that ranged between 10 to 15 inches but after a few rides down at Trumbull, riding in the snow was fantastic.  That's where I was doing most of my winter riding.  After last Friday's storm, however, Trumbull was not rideable.  But it's not all doom and gloom because I have been doing a lot of XC Skiing and snowshoeing.  I might not be riding trails but I am still enjoying them.

My kids have been loving the snow, especially with two days off from school.  We have a nice sledding run where the front walk used to be and the snow piled 7 feet high back by the garage.  Today, I had to dig through that 7 foot high pile to get into the back yard and dig a path for heating oil delivery guy.  I made a path for him but then decided to clear off a section of the back deck because he is going to be post holing regardless.  I imagine we'll have piles of snow melting until April.

My other two kids wading through the snow to the swing set

My 5 year old is standing

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