Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why bother?

Headed into NYC for work on Thursday and when I got off the highway in Bridgeport I got stopped at a light at the bottom of the ramp. It was lightly snowing but just a dusting on the ground at this point. Unlike the more rural area farther to the north in which I live in, there seems to be more people in the Park City that depend on bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone pushing a bicycle and it's flat, then they hop on and ride through the intersection and then hop off. Guess that person got their exercise for the day.

This Schwin cruiser is a real beaut! Classic Station Commuter bike with a rusty chain and broken seatpost. I guess if the tires still have air and the cranks turn it's perfect.

I have seen this bike before, a Diamondback Topanga. I love the stamped triple ring crankset and comfort stem. All it needs are fenders and it would be a perfect winter commuter.

My new lunch time ritual is to head down to 148 East 46th Street to Joy Curry & Tandoori for the Curry Goat Special and of course check out some of the commuter and delivery bikes along the route I walk. Take this Kona Kahanna which given the type of locking situation and the sloping saddle this bike is used for delivery rather than commuting.

This guy on the Fuji track bike turned out to be rare siting however, I think he was running a freewheel in the back. His chain is way too slack for horizontal drops - what a travesty! I wouldn't want to be caught dead with a chain that slack.

Here's fine example of city commuter. It's a Trek that I have seen before that is usually locked to a parking meeter on Park Ave. Guess that spot was taken and the rider had to settle for something closer to Lexington Ave.

Another bike I have seen before on 49th. Rattle can black so that it's not appetizing to a potential bike thief but looks like it's built for speed.

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