Saturday, January 09, 2010

How cold will you go?

It was 14 degrees when I got up this morning and jonesin for a ride but that seemed to be just too cold. So I waited a few hours and when the thermometer read 19, I got suited up. Overbooties are a must, lobsters of course, polar fleece snowboarding shorts keep my posterior toasty warm, wicking t, waffle shirt, and my windstopper fleece; and yet 20 minutes later I was sweating everywhere!

No one has ridden at Upper Paugussett besides myself since last Wednesday. I tried following the ATV tracks to see where they came out on the blue trail and they were all over that trail.

Those are people walking down the center of the Pond Brook inlet. I guess with the constantly below freezing temperatures these past two weeks ponds and lakes will be frozen but I still don't like the idea of walking out on the ice.

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