Thursday, November 05, 2009

Smooth as buttah!

Fourth ride on the Dillinger, this time a little longer, and it keeps getting better and better. I think I have proven that the bikes rides nicely on the home trails so now it's time to head out and hit some other trails. Definitely coming with me to Mianus for the CT NEMBA Turkey Burner on 11/27. Riding rigid still takes a lot out of you. I started doing core strengthing exercises at the gym and it's helping but I have to do more.

The carbon fiber seat post I recently put on was really nice and felt smooth on the tush. While I still felt every bump I could definitely tell the difference over the aluminum seatpost in the absence of vibrations.

No hunters in the forest this afternoon, however, I did encounter an ATV on the Poly Brody. When he saw me, he turned around and beat feat out the forest. I think the kid might live on Bramble Trail.


Steve Miller said...

bad ass pic

Mark said...

I had fun making it. Kind of a Led Zep/Ozzy Motif going on. Too bad I didn't have the bike in it though, then it would be really cool.

CB2 said...

I was going to say quite the "Houses of the Holy" effect.

29ner said...

Great Pic.