Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Riding the Dillinger at Grayville Falls Park

I have been wanting to ride Grayville Falls Park for a few years now and finally got the chance today because I was off from work for Veterans' Day. I had wanted to get there early and do a warm up on the nearby rail trail but the Veteran's Day ceremony at my kid's school all but killed that idea.

I brought the Dillinger because it was time ride the bike on some more challenging trails and this was the place to do it. The first trail, along a river was very technical and at one point I endo'd on the trail, now I am 2 for 2 but once past that trail it opened up into some really buff single track, which riding a rigid 29er was awesome. The bike really held it's own and the gearing (34:22) was perfect. Besides the ongoing issue with my seatpost there was a new sound when I climbed coming from the cranks. Turns out one of the bolts on the EBB was loose. Mental note: make sure they are torqued before every ride now.

group picture

Grayville is so flat that every climb, with the exception of one, is attainable! The Dillinger was perfect for this kind of terrain.

More pictures over on the CT NEMBA blog

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buck said...

millers is gonna be a sick ride tomorrow!