Monday, April 06, 2009

Ready to Race!

I spent a few hours Saturday night after the kids went to bed working on bikes and drinking PBR. I switched rear wheels on the Bridgestone Commuter so that I can rebuild my Fetish Fixation into single speed hard tail. Got some spacers from Monroe Cycle Fitness and hooked up the 16t on the rear wheel that came with the Bridgestone. Just needed to tighten a few spokes put on a tire and it was done. Made some brake adjustments and then went for a little test ride in the dark down the driveway.

Next up, the Fetish Fixation. It has seen many configurations but it's time to go back to what it was made for, all mountain single speed. I repaced the Ritchey Stem for the Cammodized SIC stem that I have had for two years. Put on the Azonic strip bars and replaced the Surly 1x1 with my old Manitou Splice.

That is far as I got because still needed to work on the Qball.

I replaced my existing Salsa stem with the Ritchey because it was 10 mm longer and out on the trail yesterday it made the difference.

While on the trail, I had to make a few more adjustments to the grips and brakes.

Lastly, I added the San Marco Carbon Fiber saddle. It's actually quite comfortable. So, this is my race bike. Planning on two races in April and then we'll see what I can do after that.

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Brendan said...

you racing single speed open?

Mark said...

I am still on the fence but I am leaning that way. Doesn't seem to make sense riding CAT3 or beginner on a Single Speed.

-p said...

I've got the same ergon's on my niner. I raced it last weekend. World of difference over plain grips.