Friday, April 03, 2009

RbW: Flat bars on the Qball

Rode before Work Friday morning and headed out to Upper Paugussett State Forest. Haven't been there in over a month and it was time to check out what was happening with the logging. The Forest Road, up to the intersection with the white trail is a literal logging road now. The loading area at the intersection to the white trail appears to be finished. The logging company bladed the area and bladed the Logging Road back to the next staging area they are going to start using.

I submitted a Trail Report to New England Mountain Biking Association, CT Chapter, describing in detail along with more pictures of the changes. Of course if I am riding Upper Paugussett then of course I will always hit the Upper Gussy Trail and it looks really nice. The rest of the forest road is still the same.

I put flat bars on the Qball the night before and it really changed the cock pit. Maybe it was the way the risers were positioned but I felt scrunched in more and not as stretched out. After the ride up the logging road I started to get used to bars but still couldn't get used to the Ergon bar ends. I think they were pointed to far up and need to be aimed down more.

I wouldn't say that this little misshap was caused by the different bars. The rocks were wet and I always struggle with the approach to this little rock garden we call the Wet Spot, which despite the rain was still pretty dry.

It was a yard sale for the bike but luckily I was able to jump off in time. Still, I scratched one the Ergons pretty good. Over all, the ride quality wasn't that bad and as I was climbing the driveway I finally found a good hand position to increase my leverage using the Ergon horns. I think I am going to put on a longer stem and I am thinking of trying my San Marco Carbon Fiber saddle as well. Pretty soon, the Qball could be reverted back to it's original configuration. I doubt I will ever go back to rigid on this bike, though.

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