Friday, April 24, 2009

29er Luvin

I have never seen so many 29ers at Huntington in one day. There were three guys gearing up to ride with two Niners, and then there was some German dude on a Special-Ed full Susser. None of them were single speeders, I guess we can't all be perfect. Still it was cool to see quite a few Koolaid drinkers in one place.

These two Niners are ridden by racers that race for Bethel Cycle.
This is the German dude's Special-Ed. He was big boy and the bike was perfect for him.

This kid came in on one, too. A youngin! Nice!

I rode 2 laps of 4.5 miles each and then I snuck in a smaller lap that was another 3 miles because I was feeling really good, despite an endo and another spectacular wipeout on the same trail, second lap. Good thing I was wearing knee pads but too bad I wasn't wearing my elbow pads.

The Qball performed flawlessy and infact I think I should have gotten an 18t. I cleaned every hill, except one on the 19t and I couldn't tell the difference. If I go for the Dark Horse race, I will have to get an 18t Surly cog.

Looks like I will be paying cash for the day of the race because I missed the registration cutoff. I wouldn't have made it anyway because I was waiting for the prognosis from the orthopedist on my left knee. No torn miniscus just some other issue that has always been with me. I can have it fixed or live with the it. I am going to forego any surgery for the time being and then reconsider for the fall.

This time, however, I will be riding in the Single Speed Open class. It will be fun.

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