Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Category 2 Single Speed Open

That's the race category I just registered for the Hop Brook Dam MTB Race, which is the first race in the R00t 66 series. Didn't make sense to race SS in a non-SS category, like the CAT 3 race, and besides that's only 5 miles.

Having never done this before it should be interesting to say the least. I am racing the Qball of course and I will probably wear a smaller hydro pack with a tube, 15 mm wrench, small hex tool, and a quick link.

As for clothing, probably wear some shorts and we'll see how the temps are but I was thinking of a techwick longsleeve and then I might do another Jersey over that, or maybe not. All depends on the wearther.

Hope it's not too muddy.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a Race Report. Give'm heck!

CB2 said...

Gearing and tire choice will be critical.
There is a tough climb, but you don't want to gear too low or you'll be spinning out.
You have to assess if it's better to run the climb and be faster on the flats, or ride the climb and spin like a blender elsewhere.
Good luck!

Mark said...

Charlie, friend of mine makes the race videos and I know the climb you are talking about. In the videos everyone I saw riding SS hopped off and ran up the hill and the others with gears rode it.

I running 34:20. Hope that's not too bad. Probably should have a 19t, though.