Monday, July 07, 2008

Qballs: The Immigrant

I found the Qball above on whose owner's handle is Recidivist. I PM'ed him and found out that he acquired the Qball while in California and then moved to Christchurch, New Zealand. The population mix of New Zealand is 40 million sheep, 4 million people, and now one Qball!

Below is his current build which includes the following parts:

  • Medium Q & fork
  • King headset
  • Marta 180/160
  • Thomson stem and post
  • Flite Ti saddle
  • Mary bars
  • X.9 shifter
  • X.0 medium cage der
  • Race Face Turbine ISIS 94/58 cranks w/ no-name 30 tooth ring
  • Raceface ISIS BB
  • Salsa ring guard and Jump stop
  • 11-34 in back (SRAM, I think, fwiw)
  • Wheels are Hope Pro IIs 36-hole, laced to Delgado Discs, built by meself

Sounds like there maybe some squish in this Qball's future and some other changes.

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