Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Futuristic Fixie?

Found this on and thought it might be a nice addition to yesterday's post.

It comes from here:

I think this is a rendering and not an actual bike, still it's really cool, especially since it is probably a fixie!


-d said...

Again, a good futuristic find... That drivetrain is crazy! I imagine something like this sounding like a camera flash recharging.

It might be a feasible ride if you only traveled in a straight line, but man, if you leaned into a corner you'd end up wearing as many hoops as a valley girl in the 80's.

-p said...

Yeah, I love the look, but hate to have to be a wet blanket on this one. There's no way that front rim (or the rear one with a bunch of notches cut into it) could hold the stress of a rider, let alone a small pothole without turning into a heap of twisted metal. Ain't nothin' wrong with spokes, or nipples!