Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Back ... I'm back in the Saddle again!

The last column in the graph above is my mileage total for July. I rode 5 miles back on July 3rd and that has been it this month. The main reason I haven't been riding is due to the new job and the longer commute, and a nine day fishing trip. However, the longer commute which is now buy train really puts a damper on my ability to ride after work. The only way to ride after work is to drive down to the office with the bike and on the way home, hit a riding area.

In the previous post, I showed you my bent hanger. I spent the morning putting the good one on and then adjusting the derailer, and adjusting it, then going to Sheldon Brown's website only to find out I was doing it all wrong. Finally, I thought I got it. So, I jumped on the 'Horse for a quick Echo Valley Loop.

On the way in, the gears were behaving normally but there wasn't much strain on them and it wasn't until the first climb on the Poly Brody did I start having problems. I got out the Gerber and made a few adjustments to the L limit screw and then a few more, and finally I think I got it spot on.

There were some fresh tire tracks on the Polly Brody and then half way up into the first climb I noticed some pink tapes on the east side of the trail leading up to the rock out cropping. Looks like there might be some forestry planned there. Which would be good because if it opened the outcropping then you might actually get a good view out over Lake Lillinohnah.

At the top of the first climb there were more trees marked with blue paint, which means this area is going to be cut down but the question is when? Some of these trees were marked two years ago and yet the still stand. Can't wait for this area to get thinned out because there is a little trail in there that could be potential connection to the Gussy Trail.

At the top of first climb, where Tom built the up-and-over, that I still have yet to try, I noticed the pair of sun glasses that I lost a couple of months ago! I couldn't believe it! Someone found them and left them where I would find them.

I don't think it was a mountain biker that found them because they were atop that stunt. Still, thanks to whom ever found them!

Rest of the ride on the Gussy was sweet! In fact, it appears that some trail gnomes have been busy adjusting some of the up-and-overs and created a new one, too! Here is a picture of the new up-and-over:

A lot of work went into it and I was impressed. The Gnomes forgot about one thing, people do ride up this trail and the tranny on the south side of the stunt was not suited for this direction travel so I added some rocks.



On the way out, I ran into two people that were looking for raptors in the forest. I am generally head down most of the time, so I rarely notice much above my head. Included in their survey was Goshawks. I don't think they are in the forest where I ride but there are plenty behind my house.

Hopefully, August will be a better riding month.

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