Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drove 611 miles in one day!

We left Deer Horn Lodge at 5:40 am Saturday morning and pulled into Newtown, CT at 7:20 pm. It was smooth going the whole way, except for the border crossing. We lost 35 minutes there.

Since the Canadian Dollar is now par with the US Dollar, many Canadians, despite the high price of gas, are heading south for vacations and shopping.

Below is a shot of a Canada Tire/Wal-Mart bike on the back one Quebecqois' car. Saw quite a few bikes on the trip, to and from the camp. Montreal has many bike trails that you can see from the highway. There is an old railway line that used to run from Montreal to Parent which is now a bike path and is 465+ kilometers (288 miles)! Along the Saint Lawrence Canal, both sides, there are bike paths, too!

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