Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to the Future?

Carbon Fiber seems to be taking over more and more in the Road cycling world. Without, I don't think some of these concepts could ever take shape. While most of them are just drawings, Bianchi of course never disappoints with the real deal. I wonder if they have plans for a Pista in this shape?

Can't decide whether this is supposed to be a road bike or cycle cross due to the knobby tires. Yes, it's just a concept but with a little suspension it could be a really cool thing.

Did Special-Ed really snag some C'dale designers? Looks that way to me. Pretty far out to me!


29ner said...

I want to ride all of those.

-p said...

How do you get on those bikes? Jump on from behind, pony express style?

Anyway, I love it when people think outside the box. It's too bad that the UCI restricts creativity. Maybe they'll go away soon and we'll see some of this wacky stuff under the pros.

-d said...

Great post! I'm still trying to figure out the physics behind the axle-less wheel... I guess it could work if you use bearings and lateral rails on the rim.

I'm probably over-thinking it... after all, these are just concepts.

Wait! Magnets and lasers! Toroid (donut) shaped magnets could suspend the frame from a steel rim and provide a nice cush "zero-gravity suspension". The lasers would be there just because every wacky futuristic design should have a laser of some sort.

Mark said...

The last one should for go the front wheel altogether and the designers should invent some sort of Segue kind of thing, only no electricity - counter balancing weights so the rider always stays on top. Or just build it into a geared unicycle.