Monday, February 25, 2008


If you use a Garmin Edge you have probably tried using Garmin's Training Center and if you are like me, I love to be able to use and analyze the track data to make maps, but Training Center is severely limited. Once you have downloaded the track off your edge, you can only look at one track at a time, you can't edit any tracks, and it doesn't export to anything that is re-usable.

That is why I can't stand it and a few years ago came across a program that is a wonderful substitute. Of course, there are limitations with this application, like you can't upload courses or workouts like you can do with Training center, but for my needs, I really don't care because I don't need to follow another course, in fact, I ride with my Edge in my media pouch anyway.

Sporttracks tracks everything in your workout. It will pull down your cadence and heart rate data as well. It has an API that pulls from Terraserver so you can see where you have ridden, too. It lets you associate the ride with equipment so you can track how many miles you have put on a particular bicycle. It has canned and customized reports, as well as tracking your own health and fitness.

I think it's a fantastic substitute to Training Center. In fact, if you ask me, TC is simply a stopgap measure to appease those that are unwilling to purchase a membership on Garmin's online tool for this kind of tracking.

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