Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Fixie Fixation Off Road Ride!

Today was a day of many firsts. Wore my new Adidas Cycling Jacket for the first time. Road fixie on the road for the first time, and road fixie off road for the first time as well! There was alot of snow and ice on the Polly Brody and I think that made it easier. What made it difficult was the ice. Had to walk through sections of that but over all it was an enjoyable ride.

The 69er was smooth but that was largely due to snow that I was riding on top of. Had some problems with the stem not holding the bars tight enough and three quarters of the way through my brakes stopped working. I think the rear needs tightening and two screws came out of the front rotor. I think I am going to switch to my Ritchey stem and if time permits, ride again tomorrow afternoon on the same bike only with the free wheel this time. Might try to get some vids and pics of riding different sections of the Upper Gussy.

I was hoping that it would warm up today but it never got over 28 degrees. Still thinking about getting those Shimano Winter Mountain Boots but my current solution, neoprene socks are working pretty well. The Adidas jacket definitely sealed in the heat really well and of course, the orange is perfect for riding during hunting season. The only downside to the jacket is no zip pits. It's not really an off road riding jacket, rather road riding for rain.

I found where the ATVer lives, Bramble Trail. This time he went half way up the Polly Brody and then turned off on the Horse Trail (Yellow Blazed). Not sure how far he went up there. Knocked on the door of the house where all the ATV tracks eminate from but no one would answer the door. I am going to take pictures of all all the damage tomorrow but first try to make contact with the owner and see if he will just stop. If not, I will see what can be done going through the town and the state. There are tracks on the conservation easement and that is worth a fine. It looks like the people living there have recently moved from out of state and maybe they just don't have a clue.

Looks like there are more players in the Disc Rotor Cog market, check this out from Kogswellcycles. Same price point as the TomiCog only they offer a 16 and 18t only and this just looks like a cheapo stamped out cog you can can get at the local LBS for $10 that was drilled with a drill press. Still, it's cool to see others are doing it, since getting a boone Ti cog is impossible.

Check this out! Fixed Gear MTB Race. Lots of rigid rigs and 29ers, too! I could think of a better soundtrack but it's still real cool.

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Dan K said...

Found your blog recently, and enjoy it so far. Please keep us posted on your interaction with the ATVer. I find your approach interesting and very cool. As a MTBer and former ATVer I think you're being fair and reasonable in discussing with them before calling the authorities.