Monday, February 11, 2008

More CList Fixed Gear/Single Speed and other shananigans

As some of you probably know, while I started riding with gears, I got into single speeds about a year later and absolutely love riding that way, more so at times than with gears. Not sure what it is, whether it's the challenge, or am I trying to catch up for lost time - I should have stared mountain biking years ago. I still love my geared, full squish bike, though.

Found this little tidbit while perusing Craigslist ads in search of the ridiculous and outrageous. Found this add for someone selling single speed parts in Boston: Mavic Open Sport Fixed Gear/SS Wheels - $57

Single speed/fixed gear is taking over the world. The era of Shimano's crappy, incompatible, over-priced shifters and derailleurs is ending fast. Only the yuppy swine - with unlimited $$, but no brains - will be riding with gears.

Single speed/fixed gear is for us regular folks. As for the fairies riding high-end carbon road bikes with Dura Ace gruppo ....... Die, Yuppy, Die !!

Which starkly contrasts BikeSnobNYC's prediction that the hip culture of fixie riding is now doomed because the hiphop set has found it fashionable to create a rap tune about riding fixie.

Now, would a statement like this convince you buy his products? Does this mean he is really hip and you should buy his crap - I don't know. It's seems, though, that the hipster, fixie riding culture is more secure up in Beantown than it might be in NYC. Then again, it's NYC.

There was an ad in the Fairfield Section of the CList that I had intended on asking for details on because the seller was asking for an outrageous price on a 2003 Giant AC 1, $1,500! At first, I thought this guy must be smoking crack if he thinks he could get that kind of money for a 5 year old bike.

Is this another case of Craigslist Seller Greed (I wish there was a better term for this - but this is all I can come up with for now - if you have a better one, please leave me a comment), a scam, or Seller Stupidity, or is it really fair market value for this bike? Looking on MTBR Reviews page on the Giant AC 1, it seems like average price for the bike was $2700 back when it was brand new in 2003. The average price for it on MTBR for a used bike (2004 to 2006) seems to be right around $1,500. However, with everything out on the market today, don't you think $1,500 is a bit too steep for a five year old bike probably with stock parts or even the same parts!

If the seller replaced or upgraded the parts and thought it would add value to the bike, a common practice when selling a bike on any online ad is to list out all the parts. This ad did not list anything and unfortunately it's no longer available and I forgot to download it. So, I would put this down as seller greed. Maybe that is why the add was pulled so quickly or maybe someone flagged it as an inappropriate ad. God forbid someone actually bought this bike and hopefully not at that price!

No more new 29er adds in CT, that one was a fluke. There are two on the Boston CList for rigid bikes, one is a 1x8 and looks like a Monocog Flight and the other is a 2007 Monocog for $475. I think the better value is the first one for $350, assuming it is indeed a Monocog. Looks like there is some inventory and it's being sold through a shop. Get a used 29er fork for $150 to $200 and you got yourself a rocking rig for around $500. That's a great deal when you think about it.

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