Thursday, July 27, 2006

GPS Accuraccy: AM vs PM

I rode twice this week in the Upper Paugussett, once on Tuesday afternoon and again on Thursday morning. Rode the same course both times and the the morning ride, I dropped signal on Sanford Road like every other time in the past when riding in the mornings.

I posted the question on Groundspeak forums on whether there is any issue with the Sat Signals between morning and afternoons and one of the responses that I said the following:

Satellite configuration is the most likely cause. The satellites move in orbits of almost 12 hours. Where they are has a direct impact on signal strength.
So it appears there could be some influence in positioning.

Well, Thursday was my last ride for awhile, because Thursday afternoon I had a little outpatient surgery that will keep me out of the saddle for a couple of weeks. Needed to have something fixed to prevent any more future college tuition payments. I figure three kids are enough.

The procedure wasn't too bad. A little sharp here and there even with the local. Post surgery recovery includes alot of icing, keeping off my feet for a couple of days and percosets. Still, it feels like I got kicked in the you know where, twice, when the percoset wears off.

Hope that wasn't too information for you.

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