Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thanks Polly for the correction.

If you look at the comments, Polly Brody has corrected the spelling my trail. It should be MULLIKIN.

So, I rode this morning. Just a quickie. Up Tamarack, Sanford, into the forest, on the Polly Brody and then down the Mullikin, a little bit of Al's, up the horsey trail, back onto to the PB and out onto Hanover. I think I might have mentioned that there was tree down on the Mullikin that I haven't decided what to do with yet because its on the narrow, switch back section. It makes sense to cut it but it would be cooler to create another obstacle in case those ATVers probe deeper into the trail.

Looks like they are only going as far as the first log crossing and then turning around and heading back. There are some old logging roads from the last century that are still recoginizable and I think they are going on them. With the turn in the trail and down trees and stumps, I don't think they will venture any further. Hate those double ruts they make and so far they haven't made any anywhere I have seen.

Still no logging. Someone marked the trees but nothing is down yet. That will be cool when they log that section out because there is the makings of a good connector trail through there to hook up with the hunting trail that runs between the PB and the old ROW that I discovered last year and will shortly become the NBLA and CTNEMBA Multi-use trail that we are planning on creating. More about that one later. We need to set up the final trail walk with all concerned parties before we bring the state in.

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