Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ride to the Beach


Saying goodbye to my son Saturday after breakfast, it was his mother's turn for Parent's Weekend, I rode out to the shore on the recommendation from my AirBnB host to check out Petey's Summertime Seaford.

I got on yet another road that used to be a rail road track called Spur Road

It was terribly straight, flat, and seemed to go on forever.

Google Maps said this was a bike path but it appears that's no longer the case.

There were some good view from the ramp

I had to get on a road that went under the highway and connect with another bike path

This path took me over the river towards Portsmouth.

Came across this old Train Depot

That appears to have been converted to house.

Yeah, I am a Foamer!

When I got to Rye I called an audible and rode further south till I came to the water 

Turning north I had lovely views of the shore

and nice head wind, too boot. 

Still I was able to maintain 15 to 16 mph despite the wind.

At Jenness Beach I stopped to check out the surfers 

They were in wet suits

so I am assuming the water was pretty cold.

That guy is hanging 10!

Cool Trees and houses

I have arrived!

I went for the Clam Strips and they were awesome!

Interesting bar on the side of the road - guess you had to be kookie to enter

Lifeguard off duty

Some marshes

A bend in the road you want to make sure you make

Wallis Sands State Park

You can just make out Isles of Shoals

Before school started my son spent 10 days on the island learning about marine ecosystems.

He's a Marine Sciences major at UNH

On a Bike Path now

Riding through Portsmouth

Taking the other side of the bike path 

Some welcoming signs

First Paris Cong Church in Dover

Took the Dover Community Path back, which is another rail trail and a continuation of the line that Spur Road was built upon.

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