Friday, September 01, 2023

KFB and the Three Bears Roubaix

Mike and I met at Roxbury Town Hall to do a quick gravel ride up to Kent Falls Brewing on a nice Friday afternoon around 3 PM. The last time we tried to ride to KFB we started from his house but one guy in the group ended up crashing in his driveway and needed Nurse Nancy to fix him up so he could ride but the delay meant we missed the brewery.

We headed out on Judd's Bridge and then up Walker Brook and saw some cattle after Shinar Mountain Road.

Mike turned on to Weting saying that it now goes through, if you don't mind riding grass and the occasional soft spot or mud hole. I tried to ride through here 15 years ago and it was all overgrown and never came back assuming it was still impassible.

Going this way took out the West Church Hill climb which is not my favorite because of the limited sight lines and the speeds people tend to drive on this road.

After riding along Lake Waramaug we got a little more dirt on Ash Swamp but it's a shame that Gunn Hill and Camp Road got paved.

The Town of Kent now limits patrons to only $3 pours so I bought a flyte for Mike and I to share.

We headed back to Roxbury via Sawyer Hill and then took Old Mill Road. There was sign saying the bridge was out, which was really the one for Upland Road to get to Rt 202. We should have taken Sand Pit because it's dirt.

More cattle!

Turning onto Upper Church Hill we climbed up to Walker Brook Rd

and then started climbing the dirt on Walker Brook

When Mike spotted a mama bear and two cubs.

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