Thursday, September 28, 2023

Half Kanked


I headed up early to University of New Hampshire to visit my son for Parents Weekend. On Thursday we went for a hike at the Pawtuckaway Mountain Ring-Dike Complex were I first rode the Waltly after I buying it during the Pandemic. On Friday, since he had a classes, I headed over to Conway and parked at the Tuckerman Brewery and headed out.

Little did I realize was how flat it was starting out.

Didn't see any moose, unfortunately

I was amazed at how flat this was and Foamer inside of me was thinking that this could be an old rail road bed.

While I was riding this stretch even the tourists and locals were considerate enough to give you a wide berth when passing. This seemed to be the norm all over New Hampshire.

Afterwards I checked Open Railway Map and lo and behold my suspicions where correct. This part of the road is so flat because the highway utilizes, for the most part, the existing railroad bed for the Swift River Railroad. 

The weather app said it was going to warm up so I didn't give much thought to my kit. Since it was fall I went with a long sleeve jersey, base layer, and bib shorts. I brought a vest and gloves just to be safe.

Riding up the river valley was cold and I was wondering if I made a mistake.  Half way in I put on the vest which helped quell my nerves but I got to thinking what if it's colder at the higher elevation?

Riding along the Swift River

Some foliage was starting turn but it was too early.

Putting that aside I pressed on and enjoyed the scenery. People were fly fishing in the river and the views became spectacular.

17+ miles into the ride the real fun began

and off came the snivel gear!

I was expecting a tougher climb but for the most part the grade stayed around 7%

The higher I climbed the better the view of Mt Tremont

Half way up I had to stop and put on my Halo Band because I was sweating so much

While it's not steep, the Kankamagus just seems to go on and on

Another view of Mt Tremont off in the distance

The last half mile got steeper

then I was at the top!

I had planned to ride down to Lincoln but I didn't have time to do the other side so I had to settle for half this time around.

Looking back down towards scenic overlook

This couple was having their picture taken in the view I wanted to capture

Then I got my shot

Heading back down, I put my vest back on

I looped around the brewery

but they weren't open for a sit down so I bought some cans to go.

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