Saturday, September 09, 2023

Velocio Coast2Coast East Ride

A friend of mine from work who rides told me about this ride and we signed up for it only he bailed the day before due to stomach issues. The ride started out at the Rise Donut Shop and included with registration was a free donut and coffee. The donuts were absolutely killer and I couldn't even finish mine. 

The owner of the donut shop and his wife are Velocio Ambassadors and set up this ride. What a perfect combination! 

I think I was the oldest guy there, and definitely on the oldest bike. Seeing all the new, shiny, fast bikes I knew I was going to get dropped but I didn't care. 

There was a woman working inside the donut shop with a Cider Mill T-Shirt on and I told her I went to Cider Mill when I was a kid.  She asked me what house I was in and I told her I was probably at that the school before she was born. Houses? Harry Potter probably wasn't on JK Rowling's mind in the 1970s.

We headed out on Ridgefield Road and then turned up onto Belden Hill and turned right onto Huckleberry Hill and rode through the reservoir.

It dawned on me that the route for this ride was passing through four Connecticut towns, all of which I have lived in: Wilton, New Canaan, Stamford, and Ridgefield.

Unbeknownst to me, I rode sections of this route on Tuesday morning already.

I love riding this section through the Rippowam Reservoir

The only climb that showed up on the Climb Pro was to the top of Donbrook Road

I was cooked when I turned onto Rt 124

But then I rolled into the restop

and had a pickle and two handfuls of Gummy Bears and I felt human again.

Then we were off again.

There was some good descents after the restop and I has able to hang for awhile.

By the time I hit Balanced Rock I was fully on my own again.
I was last to pull into Wilton Center.  There was an awesome outlay of food and drink.
There was a nice T-Shirt and handkerchief given out to all the participants.
Not bad for a free ride! 

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