Sunday, October 01, 2023

Maine Miles


Staying so close to Maine I thought I would take a ride on the other side of the river and ride up through the Berwicks. I wanted to ride to Nubble Light in York but I got up late and only had two hours so I went this way instead.

I was sure glad I brought thermal tights on this trip just incase because it was 45 degrees when I left

I rode the continuation of the Dover Community Path

It turns out that it wasn't just fog obscuring the sun but more Canadian Wildfire Smoke.

Heading towards Maine on Route 4

Once in Berwick I turned north and started hitting rollers

but then it flattened out

and pretty much stayed that way through the remainder of Maine.

There was even a little fall foliage to look at.

The haze was pretty prominent here.

Some guy in a pick up truck annoyingly honked at me and then tried to roll coal me. 
Only he wasn't in a diesel powered truck and it was a pitiful attempt.

Back in New Hampshire the sun was brighter and the snivel gear came off.

Then I was back in Dover and at the AirBnB, what a nice ride this morning.

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