Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day ride with Will

BBQ plans were all askew this Memorial Day with family going all over the place but one thing was for certain, my brother-in-law, Will, and I were going to ride. He came out to Fairfield on Metro North and I planned a ride that pass by not just the usual three beaches that I always ride to, but a fourth one, too.

I got to the Fairfield Station early and had breakfast while waiting for him to arrive. His train was a few minutes delayed.

Then we headed over to the Citgo for a pre-ride facility break - best place in town!

One thing that I didn't anticipate was the coastal towns were all having Memorial Day Parades.

Living in Newtown, I have been lulled into complacency, because we don't do a Memorial Day Parade.

Rather, our Labor Day Parade kills two birds with one stone.

The Pyramid Shriners were in town for Fairfield's Parade.

Fortunately for us, the parade started at 10 and we started rolling at 9.

I think the last minute changes I made to the route will bypass any other town parades.

I hope!

Originally, we were supposed to take Duck Farm but the bridge was out and we had to route around it and take a different way to Greenfield Hill

Past the Green we came upon a house with some baby Kitts frollicking near the road

No sign of the mother and this close to the road didn't look like a good sign for these guys.

My route skirted the Westport Parade but Norwalk's.

We ended up riding the wrong way on some roads to get by.

She had the best seat in the house!

When we got to the water the temperature dropped 10 degrees

and the refreshing smell of the water was everywhere.

We visited this country club where my 40th High School Reunion is to be held this fall.

Then we rode by Calf Pasture Beach. On my usual Coastal Connecticut Rides we ride past Combo, Southport and Penfield Beaches but I threw in CP to add some distance to the route.

I took will over the access way on the Saugatuck River train bridge, one of my favorites.

Then through Longshore.

Passed by the venerable Minute Man.

Then to the Cannons at Compo.

It was pretty windy and of course it was coming from the Northeast, so it was a head wind back to Fairfield.

We bypassed Beachside Avenue because it's all torn up with construction and then rode past Southport Beach.

I took Will out to Little Danbury 

to see the little green trike and then we headed back to the start point.

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