Thursday, June 01, 2023

Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo!

While researching famous people buried in nearby for another post I found out that Johnny Winter was a former resident of Easton, CT and was buried in Union Cemetery at the corner of Rt 59, Sport Hill, and Rt 136. Supposedly, this same cemetery is supposed to be haunted, too. This haunting sounds like people mistaking deer for ghosts.

Since this cemetery is located in the town from where Riding Club Ilumenati holds their weekly night rides I thought it only fitting that one of our rides should pass by Johnny Winter's grave. There are some other supposedly haunts that we ride through and by on our rides including Dracula Drive, aka Velvet Street in Trumbull, and Golden Hill Cemetery in Monroe where the Wicked Witch of Monroe, Hannah Cranna, is buried. 

We were supposed to ride this route last week but we ended up doing a shorter route due to the rain. Yes, we got soaked, but it was still a good ride. 

Today's starting point had to be moved back to Samuel Staples School because Easton was conducting a Pride Flag raising ceremony and we couldn't park at the Library/Police Department parking lot where we usually meet. Maybe there was a little haunting taking place after all.

We stopped at the cemetery while it was still light so there wasn't any perceived creepiness.

Then we headed back to the cars.

The moon was particularly bright as dusk settled in

We tailgated at the school but it was short lived due to all the mosquitos. 

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