Sunday, May 07, 2023

Double Header

On Saturday I met up with the Newtown Lunartics for the weekly ride to OOF, aka Ovens of France.  I brought the Trek because I am still getting used to and wanted more time in the saddle before relegating it to its intended purpose as an indoor training bike.  Scott brought his neighbor Rich, who needs to start training for the Bloomin Metric in two weeks.  


Meeting at the Foundry we headed out towards Southbury and to the Tramp Route.

At the top of Spruce Brook there were no cows in the usual spot

so for our bovine fix we had to head further down hill to where the older cows are kept.

Then we on the Spruce Brook descent and I was on the brakes the whole way down. Bike felt pretty stable compared to Voodoo but I wasn't taking any chances.

We got to OOF around 11 AM and I was surprised to see so many pastries. 
I guess on such nice days people don't come out as early for breakfast.

On Sunday morning I met my friend Rich for a ride on the Maybrook Rail Trail.
I figured a flatter ride wouldn't be so bad but I found that I should have stretched more this morning.

Rich was on eBike because he is recovering from medical procedure and I on the Crossbow.

The Ridley rode nicely and I am looking forwards to getting it out onto some dirt.

It was an outstanding day to be on a bike!

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