Friday, May 12, 2023

Rabbi Hill


Friday afternoon concluded a long work week and I headed over to Mike's with Scotty with the intention of riding 40 miles from Mike's to Kent Falls Brewery for a beer and back. Just as we were leaving Mike's driveway, Scott was trying to start his Strava on his phone and ride at the same time. His front tire slipped off the driveway pavement and dished out causing him to fall over and he landed on his elbow.  The bike had a few scuffs on the bar tape but his elbow was a mess.

A three flap of skin was hanging loose but surprising there wasn't a lot of blood. We went back in the house and Mike put some hydrogen peroxide on the wound and then applied a gauze pad and wrapped it up and then we were off.

On the outskirts of Kent we turned east onto Route 341 and then started climbing Segar Mountain Road.

We started calling this climb Rabbi Hill after a similar ride last year in which we were 3/4s of the up the hill when I Rabbi driving a minivan slowed down and started heckling us about how slow we were moving.  Then he invited us to his Shabbat dinner but we declined.  

Scotty shot ahead while Mike and I maintained our own paces up the climb

As I was nearing the top Scotty passed me again?

Turns out he turned onto a side street to let us catch up

I should have checked the time by the time we crossed into Warren because it wasn't until we were turning onto to the descent down to Lake Waramaug when I realized we wouldn't make it to the Brewery before they closed. Unlike other breweries, the town of Kent has some strict regulations in place for the brewery. We could have shot down Kent Hollow with plenty of time for a couple of pints.

We by passed the brewery and headed back to Mike's house by way of New Milford.

We did see cows, through!

Fortunately we brought lights.

They came on when we turned on Scoville Road which would take us back to Gaylordsville

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